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Monday, February 11, 2008

A Student Writes

In the 1930s Nazi Germany became increasingly anti-Semantic.

{Quotation ends}

Is this an even better ‘Kitler’ than the last one I used or what?


Mark Granier said...

Snap him trying to catch a fly, raising a Heil-paw.

Ms Baroque said...

I love it. I'm having some anti-semantic problems of my own and I can really relate.

Billy Ramsell said...

Love that.

From genuine junior certificate exam essays I have seen...

Re:The Field by John B Keane:

'The bull, as his name suggests, was an ox of a man'.

Re: The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare:

Referring to the text under study as 'The Merchant of Ennis' throughout the essay.

J.V. said...

Love it! And also thought kitler fans might enjoy our cartoon series about Hitler as a cat, which you can catch on YouTube:

"Cats of Death"

Keep up the good work!

-- the guys at Bindledog