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Friday, February 01, 2008

The Holy Family, Memorabilia Thereof

The humourist Miles Kington, who has ‘died suddenly at the age of 94 after apparently contracting a rare leg disease from a Madeira cake allegedly sent to him by extremist followers of the Philip Larkin’, according to his obituary in The Independent, made a documentary in 1996 titled In Search of the Holy Foreskin:

Despite there having been between eight and 18 such foreskins, he found unable to produce even one, the last having been allegedly lost after being kept in a shoebox in the wardrobe of a priest. Undaunted, Kington instead displayed to his readers such devotional relics as a feather from the wing of the Holy Ghost, some of Mary’s Holy Milk and the Breath of Joseph.


Sam, Problemchildbride said...

Nobody's got the earwax of John the Baptist though, or the corn plaster Paul was wearing on the road to Damascus. I know that because they are hidden away in a sock in a drawer of the minister in Garvard, Isle of Lewis, which incidentally is the site of the original Garden of Eden.

According to local lore, only the first half of that paragraph is a lie.


Evie-Morag tempted Adam-Aonghais not with an apple but with a turnip before snatching his "modesty heather" away from his cleeps. that modesty heather is now in Shawbost museum and can be seen whenever Mrs. MacLeod is around with the key.

Evan said...

Zeitgeistig -- mi amigo David Farley escribe a book on the subject. He has a bit (haha) on it here:

Cut back on the turnips, man.