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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Snigger Snigger

I noticed the Sun’s headline yesterday for the bunch of cretins who failed to blow themselves up in London two years ago was ‘Moron Terror’, and in the news today I read of a group in the Philippines called the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, otherwise MILF. Snigger snigger.

I’ve long harboured ambitions to write a sitcom about the world’s most cack-handed comedy terrorist. Jon Ronson came close with his documentary last year about Omar Bakri Muhammad, whose stunts included letting off lots of black balloons carrying Islamic messages in Trafalgar Square, none of which took off (the Islamic message is obviously a heavy load to bear), and pulling a spazzy fit when trying to land a minnow on a fishing trip with his Islamist mates (‘How are you going to wage jihad Omar when you cannot even land a fish?’). He was most apologetic, I remember, when he failed to get permission for Ronson (who is Jewish) and his film crew to shoot behind the scenes at an Islamist a.g.m. packed full of Hamas and Hizbullah types, but consoled him by coming back with a nice big ice cream instead.

The Lighter Side of Jihad. So where do I send my script?

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