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Monday, June 11, 2007


A polydactylic cat.

Anne Boleyn had six fingers. Eleven fingers, I mean. Like that joke Irish comedian used to tell about being asked whether he was the man with half a finger. No, he said, he was the man with nine and a half fingers.


John said...

Then there's bottleneck guitarist Hound Dog Taylor, called Theodore Roosevelt Taylor at birth, who had six fingers on each hand. Some say he once drunkenly tried to remove two of the excess digits. Which two, I have no idea.


puthwuth said...

A Polish man recently stood on the table at a Zilli's restaurant in London, dropped his trousers and chopped his penis off with a kitchen knife.

Having eaten in a Zilli's I can sympathise to the extent that the service can be very, very slow.

Though if, like a character from a Paul Durcan poem, he possessed five of the things then who are we to judge him?