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Monday, July 31, 2006

Brick Lane Protests

Production crew reported 'completely convinced' by Brick Lane residents' protest, drops plans for film of Monica Ali's novel in favour of 'fresh, dynamic, multicultural' adaptation of Brick Lane Traders' Association 'Curry House Certified Lice-Free' certificates.


Donagh said...

I noticed in the Guardian at the weekend that they cover the Greer vs Rushdie war of words surrounding the Brick Lane adaption. All I could think though, perhaps uncharitably, was how Greer looks increasingly like that mad woman with the cats in the Simpsons who goes 'grtawmenahraha'. So, without reading a word of the article I imagined that any deft intellectually rigourous and artfully deployed salvo from Rushdie would be greeted with a flurry of unintelligable consonants and vowels, and probably a cat in the face. Thanks for the link by the way.

Donagh said...

Sorry, I just left a facinating comment about how Germain Greer looks just like the mad woman with the cats in the Simpsons. But it got lost. I'll just say thanks for the link and I hope this publishes.