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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The Argan Tree-Climbing Goats of Morocco

My second poo-related story of the day. Argan oil is a Moroccan delicacy, produced from the fruit of a tree that grows exclusively in the region round the desert of that country’s south-west. Before the nut can be pressed for its oil it must be separated from the fruit. This happens by goats climbing argan trees, eating the fruit and pooing out the nuts, which then and only then the farmers harvest. I am working of a cat-themed variant on this here in Hull, but will have to get back to you on the results (installing sloth-friendly latrines is also proving a problem).

1 comment:

gavwheatley said...

of course there is precedence for this sort of faecal festivity. i myself only ever drink this cat poo coffee