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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Larkin Toad 28: 10-5 Toad, Morrison’s, Holderness Road

Does anyone else notice this toad’s resemblance to Charlie Hull from The League of Gentlemen, down to the bristling moustache and red and white (Hull Kingston Rovers?) rugby league jersey? Could they possibly be related? Even the location is very League (Iris Krell’s fond memories of ‘all them Morrison’s bags full of sick’ that Mrs Levinson’s daughter used to hide around the house. 10-5, non-Hullonian reader, refers to a celebrated Challenge Cup victory of Hull KR over Hull FC. ‘Sully’ on the toad’s right side is the great Clive Sullivan. Here is a quick Hull streetcred test for any locally based (‘are you local at all?’) readers. How many times have you found yourself drinking in a Hull pub with someone who turns out to have been a former Hull KR or Hull FC player? Ever? I once stood having a pee beside Peter ‘Flash’ Flanagan, let me boast. This toad knows what I’m talking about. What a great toad.


Anonymous said...

It wasn't until after Flash Flanagan died that I realised the shambling Elvis impersonator often spotted about the old town was once a rugby hero.

Phil Lowe has been landlord of several pubs in the East Riding area, including his current one The Shakespeare in Hedon.

Unknown said...

Have been reliably informed that the 10 - 5 Toad not up for auction on Saturday - so should be hopping off down the road to Craven Park !