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Monday, January 11, 2010

Six Steps from Iris Robinson to a United Ireland

Iris Robinson toyboy story sparks wave of sexual hysteria among female DUP voters, leading to collapse of Unionist family values.

Mental-health services stretched to breaking point by resulting hospitalization of guilt-stricken Evangelical types.

Smug-marrieds’ tasteless mansion sector of Northern Irish construction industry implodes, contributing to general economical collapse.

Sammy Wilson seizes control of DUP, squanders province’s entire budget on creationist display at Ulster Museum, leading to widespread food shortages, breakdown of law and order, general anarchy.

Dissident Republicans enter power-vacuum.

United Ireland established.


John Prescott said...

You would, wouldn't you?

puthwuth said...

Only if she bought me a coffee shop first.

Iris Robinson, you are condemned to 1000 hours of watching Brokeback Mountain, that or remaining married to Peter Robinson, whichever is more painful.