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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Icicles, Maulin


Prof. Yaffle said...

"Stirious", meaning "icicle-like", is one of my favourite forgotten words. Say it - it tastes like plastic. Weird

Peter André said...

Prof Yaffle,

I tried to bring that word back back with my hit single My Stirious Girl, about a particularly cold girlfriend.

Alas, a misprint on the record sleeve changed the implications of my song irrevocably.

Such is life, I suppose.

puthwuth said...

They’ve a way of whispering to me—
fellow-wight who yet abide –
In the muted, measured note
Of a ripple under archways, or a lone cave’s stillicide.

(Tomas Hardy, ‘Friends Beyond’)

Did we ever find out, by the way, what Professor Yaffe is a Professor of?

Prof. Yaffle said...

How dare you question my credentials sir, I am a respected senior academic! Your effrontery compels me to peck out your eyes with my stirious beak! Feel my wrath!

puthwuth said...

You cannot be stirious.

Anonymous said...

He's certainly a pessimist if this footage is anything to go by.