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Monday, August 31, 2009

Return of Keats and Chapman

Resplendent in his Batman costume, Chapman was getting very bored indeed, standing there waiting for Keats to make up his mind. As usual, when they were invited to a fancy-dress party, Keats couldn’t decide who to dress up as. There he stood, holding an imaginary conversation with his friend Walter Savage, whose dress-sense he’d always admired, but all the while casting covetous glances at the Lord of the Rings costume too. He must have watched that box-set ten times over now. How he loved that High Warden of the White Tower. Dapper poet friend... Lord of the Rings... poet... Lord of the Rings... ‘You’re going as Robin’, Batman-Chapman shouted at him, ‘Neither a Boromir nor a Landor be.’


Mark Granier said...

Eh? Boromir has nowt to do with elves. Tch. It's obvious you haven't been studying your LOTR boxed set, or you would have come up with a better pun, something to do with The Horn of Gondor perhaps.

puthwuth said...

Amended, thanks.

Mark Granier said...

The Warden is MUCH better! Funnier too.

Mike Giggler said...

Dear oh dear.

(BTW word verification = diire. How apt)