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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Below-Par Liverpool Continue Shaky Start to Season


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha ha.

sean lysaght said...

especially now that hull are occupying one of those precious champions league spots

Anonymous said...

You are a card sir.

Background Artist said...

Well, in my opinion, and it's only my opinion Bill, and i know Eamon thinks that Robbie Keane was put to good use against Tevez in the defence wide position just otside the fiftteen yard box, on the left -- but if i was Benitez, i would have played Gerrard in a holding position, as a natural wide man counter ,so he could have brought some shape to the centre backs of the opposition; because when i was at Man U with Georgie Best in the sixties, Matt Busby would have stopped us from advancing on the Kop like that, and when i was playing for Leeds, after i left Summerhill for the last time, just before i went to play with Georgie Best at Man U, we got it drummed into us, to attack in a 4-4-2, with the link-man forward passing with the full backs acting as sweepers mopping up the loose ball.

That was in the days of Bobby Charlton of course, who was always central midfield, putting pressure on the near post at the overlap where the heavier paced defenders would always as not get caught out not only by myself, but Billy Bremner of course, and when we won the FA cup in 1963, Denis Law said to me after tha match, that when i played for Man United with Georgie Best, is was always the offside trap that got our opponents chasing down the ball for a near off chance at the side tackle of course.

My name's Johnny Giles, and i know that when Eamon was in England, playing for Stoke, it was always a great night out after at the Hanley Irish club. I mean, Red Hurley and me, when i played for Man U with Georgie Best, he was always asking me for tickets to the match, but when Don Refvie took over and I got made Ireland manager, well, i had to go into a more fluid back passing role for the first 11 of courser Bill.

My name's Johnny Giles, and though i'm from Dublin, you can actually mistake me for a scouser because the Noprth Wall in those days of course Eamon, i mean, we had all sorts of defensive movement, counter crosses and the wind blowing over the Irish sea, and of course the fact i played at Man U with Georgie Best, i developed this half hybrid scouse-dublin accent which is still with me to this day, and when i was having a drink with the Dubliners, just before Luke Kelly died, it was only because the barman at Donoghue's faniced my sister, that we didn't all get barred for mooning at bishop McQuaid for banning Patrick Kavanagh friom the early house on the quays yer see, and from that we built a team at Shamrock Rovers, that went on to beat St Pats 4.1 in the IFA Sunday five a side at Lnsdowne Road in 1968, when i was playing for Leeds united and drinking at the Armley Irish quite regularly in those days Bill..


By gloating once about what is officially known outside of Merseyside as A Result That Will, In Classy Liverpool Style, Inevitably Prove Not To Matter By March At The Latest, you've now used up your Liverpool Fan Gloating Quota for this half of the season. If you exceed this quota, you gift me one free jibe about Michael Shields who will no doubt be the only Scouser left in Europe come January, and probably more likely to win release from his Bulgarian prison than Liverpool are to finish in the top two this season.

Like I said, don't force me to make that jibe.

Besides, all this post proves is that Berbatov looks teh sex in that United shirt.

puthwuth said...

Strict accuracy forces me to point out that Michael Shields is in a young offenders' institution near Wigan, and not in Bulgaria anymore.

Anyway, I'm sure Rooney's continued no-shows for United and Ronaldo's flight across town to (Middle) Eastlands will do wonders for the UKIP vote in Old Trafford and get United out of Europe well before March.

puthwuth said...

PS Anyone who suggests playing Gerrard in 'the holding role' even for satirical purposes is clearly not taking enough meds. Come back Igor Biscan, all is forgiven!


Near Wigan? No wonder he's not been replying to my postcards.

Seriously, I don't actually mind when Liverpool fans gloat about beating us because no matter what the two games against Liverpool will always be the biggest of the season.

It's when The Riff Raff, also known as mid-table dogshit, gloat that it annoys me because, quite pathetically, they get so excited about beating United that they annihilate their own delusions of grandeur, also known as finishing fifth, and go on a nineteen game losing streak or something similarly inane afterwards.

On another note, gutting to see Hull doing so well. Even more gutting is that we play them at their council house on the very last day of the season. If we have a repeat of last season and we need to win the final game to win the league...GAH, doesn't do thinking about.

Fuck this life.