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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Bad Behaviour

In an obituary for the eccentric actor Ken Campbell, who has died (obviously, I wouldn’t be reading an obituary for him, etc), I see that he once staged a one-man show called Bendigo about a nineteenth-century boxer who trained by walking into pubs and spitting in people’s drinks, in the hope that they’d start a fight with him. The next time you do that, think of Ken Campbell. Do it for Ken.


Anonymous said...

Do it for Ken indeed.

I interviewed him once for a radio programme. Wonderful man, unlike a lot of the pretentious arseholes who work in theatre.

Jane Holland said...

Great anecdote. Though I wonder if it would work as successfully at a poetry launch. You can get away with so much in poetry these days, no one really appreciates the beauty of a bare-knuckle fight anymore.

Anonymous said...

A letter to the Guardian points out that the parrot liked to greet visitors with the words 'I used to be an egg' and 'I'm up here and you're down there.'