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Friday, August 15, 2008

Temple Monkey, Hua Hin

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Background Artist said...

There the energy Buddha
emitting it, monkey not

skin yellow with ermine
buzz, flat skinned monk

eye there above, other
sides all one in an orb

all this David, can be
ours, but you must return to Hull and continue the magic, make mad the guilty and appall the free, confound the ignorant and amaze indeed the very faculty of eyes and ears; as William spoke, wrote when Liz one was getting jiggy with nought but her Imagination, and now, five hundred yrs later

Larkin the only ghost to beat.

Thanks very much for being part of the psychic brigade dave, you're a very highly valued member of it, and it will be interesting, the next two semesters -- how they pan out upon yr return to the other side of the world.

It is when you return that the effect of Oz will weave within a conscious written realm, and things are bubbling up dave, the disparate protagonists in the online drama in the bloggo-spherical orbit of the New generation of newt flop and smashes, the actors and the ages, ollamh training which will separate the bluffers from the real barmy school of genuine nutters Dublin tits and tutterers mumbling of Dreams being stolen by more successful practitioners dabbling in the dirtiest, lowest verbal habit of skald and scop, anruth to ollamh, Armitage to the next swearer in residence of a sinking cultural ship of flash in the panners and do you know who i am ER (not) air free the soul of humanity and release the monkeys daithi..