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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Birdwatching, Evils Of

From coverage of the Democratic Convention in today’s Independent:

There it is a cacophony of chants against abortion, against the war, against whatever you like, including birdwatching. Yes, Aneida Krok has parked herself on the 16th Street pedestrian mall to distribute leaflets calling for a ban on this "sexual voyeurism". Honestly. "Adults, disguised as birdwatchers, mask their debauchery by taking trips in groups," her flier warns. "They can then achieve climax in the safety of the woods. Particularly disturbing is the high number of senior citizens using binoculars to observe birds mating. These horny Peeping Toms satisfy their craving for sex by focusing their debasement on birds. This perversion must be halted, otherwise the entire moral fibre of our nation is going to hell.


Picture shows a kakapo, a flightless New Zealand ground parrot, and one of my favourite feathered pervert-abettors.

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