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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Distant Planet

In a New Yorker piece about Frank O’Hara, Dan Chiasson calls Michigan (where O’Hara spent a year) ‘a distant planet settled for the manufacture of master’s degrees.’

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John Latta said...


Somewhere I’ve seen a picture of Ted Berrigan and Alice Notley and a couple of others (Merrill Gilfillan?) in front of the rooming house Frank O’Hara lived in whilst at Michigan. Now torn down, I think. Even having been an “aficionado of O’Hara’s mess” since I was a teenager in long-hair’d Ann Arbor, I never went poking around for’s actual ghost that way. I did once, at a girlfriend’s prompting, rummage through O’Hara’s Hopwood manuscript (he won what’s call’d a “Major Hopwood” with it—not, as you may imagine, a mustachio’d old Boer War gent, but a monetarily hefty literary prize.) The local newspaper, in occasional celebrity mappings, will point out where Madonna lived, or maybe Auden: never O’Hara. That building above is part of the new never-ending medical school expansion, the oddly bent-roof’d building in the foreground is known as the “Pringle,” for its resemblance to the chips-in-a-can product.