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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Return of Dara O Briain

World’s greatest living Wicklowman Dara O Briain on homeopathy at the City Hall here the other night: ‘Homeopaths say the Chinese are so wise because they have the same word for crisis and opportunity. The Chinese have the same word for China and Tibet too and it’s China, so fuck that.’

Riffing on call-centre operatives who insist on spelling out booking codes with the Alpha Bravo Charlie alphabet, he described being stumped by a woman who wanted to know if he’d just said G as in… ‘G-string’, blurted Dara. The next letter was B as in… ‘Brazilian’. Unfortunately the final letter of the booking code was V, and now that we’ve started on this chain of thought there is of course only one word in the English language beginning with V. ‘And V as in…’ ‘(Don’t say, don’t say…) Fanny!’

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