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Monday, March 17, 2008

Life Beyond the Study Door, My Commitment Thereto

John Banville on Seamus Heaney in today’s Guardian: ‘Heaney’s commitment to life beyond the study door is unusual for a poet, and all the more admirable for that.’

Beyond my study door lies all manner of life. Cats, usually, their fleas, on a good day, perhaps a stray mouse hitching a lift in Sam the ginger cat’s mouth. I tend to intervene to free the mice, but when I intervene with the fleas it’s usually to exterminate them, so I can’t work out quite how ‘committed’ I am to all this life one way or the other.

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Ms Baroque said...

Good point. I don't have a study door: I have a study corner, and outside it is the rest of the bedroom. The life there is mostly under control and needs no commitment one way or the other.

Having said which, I do quite like staying in the house.