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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Will Self

I was at a Will Self reading in a pub once, and decided I’d had enough of his aardvark-trying-to-hoover-the-fluff-out-of-its-bum voice. But the crush was too tight and, trapped at the wrong end of the room as I was, I was trapped. My only hope was a bookstall: I bought a Will Self and stood there reading it. Will Self’s voice behind me was very distracting though. My thought process was going something like this, in other words: shut up Will Self, I’m trying to read Will Self. Is there a word for a situation as ridiculous as that? If not, there should be.


Mark Granier said...

Something along the lines of willed unwillselfconsciousness?

John Latta said...

Will Self, isn't he the one who described himself as having a face that look'd like a collection of sundry genitals in a bag?

I liked that.