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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Shortlist Fever

There’s been a lot of talk about the shortlist for the (blank) Prize, with some people praising the brave decision to omit (blank) and others deploring the rank idiocy of putting (blank) on it, not to mention the presence of (blank). In today’s climate of ground-breaking work by (blank), (blank), and (blank), increasingly rewarded by nominations for the (blank), (blank), and (blank) prizes, and favourable reviews in the pages of (blank), (blank), and (blank) magazines, the time has come to acknowledge the shifting landscape of poetry today and the imminent coronation, on this blog and elsewhere, of (blank), (blank), and (blank) as among the leading voices of our time. And not forgetting dear old (blank): where would we be without him/her/it!


Tim Kendall said...

Are you referring to Geoffrey Hill, or ostentiously not referring to Geoffrey Hill?

puthwuth said...

I think I was hissing at shortlists in general, and the idea that being on or off one counts for anything.

Ms Baroque said...

Marvellous work. You know someone once died at a Geoffrey Hill reading?

And a really marvellous picture of old Tom, too.

John said...

Are you manuel estimulo? ;-)