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Friday, November 16, 2007

Concerned Drinker, Newland Avenue

There's a bar down the street from where I work whose owners have just opened another bar right beside it. I'm worried though. Suppose the second bar puts the first out of business? They might be forced to open a third bar next door to the second to make up for it, thereby risking putting bar no. 2 out of business. I already have visions of a rolling domino-effect of two bars at a time moving up and down the street, from one end to the other. What if the sequence went into a spin cycle, or the two pubs got separated, with some unfortunate newsagent or shoeshop in between? The consequences don't bear thinking about. In fact the only solution is to close both down, unless you have any better ideas. I'll better go and explain just why to the nearest barman, immediately.

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