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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

No It Isn't And Yes It Is

My response to the two questions in the title of Steve Lowe and Alan McArthur’s Is It Just Me Or Is Everything Shit?

Some examples:

Delicatessen Counters at Supermarkets

Pasta salad? They’ve just cooked some salad and then let it go cold.

I will not take a number. I am a free man.

Spam Porn

‘TODAY IS JIZZ DAY!’ … Is it? Is it really?


If you really want to economise on booze, there must be better options than Wetherspoons: sitting on a bench drinking Thunderbirds, for instance. Or injecting yourself with cider. The latter will probably kill you, but at least you won’t be giving money to [heavily funded by Wetherspoons founder Tim Martin] fucking UKIP.

An utterly shit numberplate available from the UKIP 'shop' (and possibly Wetherspoons pubs) commemorating UKIP's never-to-be-forgotten election victory of 2004. [Sorry that last bit, i.e. this bit, is by me.]

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