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Friday, February 26, 2010

Ali & Toumani

First son who has never been matched,

thank you for what never ends, yes!


Anon-Y-Moose said...

Am yet to hear this but look forward to it. Is it any good? Saw Toumani Diabate playing with Bjork in 2008 and he was excellent, I have been a fan ever since.

puthwuth said...

A delectable late harvest.

I notice in a review in today's Independent that there is a track on the new Joanna Newsom triple album that features the kora. Could it be Toumani?

Anon-Y-Moose said...

From what I can gather it isn't him. I got my copy of the epic 3-CD album yesterday thanks to a fortuitous balls up at - it's very good. Probably better than Ys in my opinion. Well worth a listen.