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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Manchester (City Fans') Ecstasy as United Legend (Gerard Pique) Lifts European Cup

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Totalfeckineejit said...

Van der (disast) Sar.You were beaten near post and now I post -not good enough!! Off Off!Dino Zoff woulda saved, when in Rome do...! Ji-sung ( shoulda been off the) Park. Carlos(should have been on from the start) Tevez. Crap Carrick, absent Anderson.Giggsy ,Giggsy wherefore were'nt thou Welsh wizzard? Vidic, vidic,normally so so good but that night,Oh! that night, that first goal, when in Rome you shoulda done as Bettaga or Maldini woulda done.Mamma mia didn't the whole team dissappia for 15 minutes before and after halfa tima.Too lttle too late was our fate, I cannot hate Barcelona ,I will not be an (empty handed) Loonypool moaner :)