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Monday, January 05, 2009

An Geabhróg

Mí Mháirt arís agus braithimid
geabhróg ag teacht i dtír
sa ché ar an bhfál cúng
idir a imeacht anuraidh
is filleadh na bliana seo chugainn.


sean lysaght said...

Your post brought spring thoughts to mind. This week I've been clearing a scruffy corner of growth in the garden, with the redbreast for company. Hard frost, a rare treat here, just 4K from the sea. Ted Hughes has a delightful poem on the tern ('Tern') in Flowers and Insects.

puthwuth said...

The robin population of Westport is certainly flourishing, I can report from my Christmas stay. Similarly the oystercatcher population on Carrowmore Strand. I can also recommend the bookshop in the town to anyone who has ever found themselves short of a Sean Lysaght book, as you may have noticed yourself.