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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Private World

This white cat (whose name is 'the white cat') is profoundly deaf. As a connoisseur of Japanese cinema, his appearances through my catflap may or may not be indebted to the scene in Kurosawa's The Seven Samurai in which the apprentice (my cat) is encouraged to whack the samurai (the white cat) over the head with a sword only to be intercepted every time. He lives, or appears to an outsider to live, in an ESSENTIALLY PRIVATE WORLD.


Jessie & Steve said...

Your white cat is a fan of Japanese cinema? beautiful cat.

puthwuth said...

Alas! the white cat ain't mine. Mine, a black 'un, is the one who does the whacking, with the white cat on the receiving end as comes through the flap. He, the whacker, appears on an entry for 27 September. He thanks you for your interest, but will whack you all the same if you get any funny ideas about coming through his flap: you have been warned!

puthwuth said...

Aagh: 'as he comes through the flap' I meant.