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Thursday, October 13, 2005

I Hate the Human Race

Like Harold Pinter, Adrian Mitchell writes fairly rotten poetry. Here is a verse from his fairly rotten poem 'Human Beings', winner of the fairly rotten 'Poem for Space' poll, which makes it 'the [fairly rotten] poem that people most want to send into space in the hope that it will be read in one hundred years’ time' (readers' views on which [fairly rotten] poets, rather than poems, deserved to be fired into outer space were sadly not canvassed):

we all start human
we end up human
human first
human last
we're human
or we're nothing

Adrian Mitchell adds: 'Human Beings is a poem for peace. It is about the joy of being human, but that doesn’t mean that it’s against animals or alien beings. When it goes into space and it’s read by aliens, I’d hate for them to think that it’s anti alternative life forms.' Consider the Venusian counterattack called off then. For the moment.

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