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Saturday, March 03, 2012

Interview with a Binman

Would you say rubbish
has always been important
to you? Thinking back
to the rubbish you grew up
with, what first gave you the bug?

What qualities do
you look for in a rubbish
collection? Do you
work best in groups or alone?
Geoff Nobbs – genius or madman?

How do you keep your
rubbish fresh? Are you worried
it might run out? Do
you find it hard to let go
of? So what’s next for rubbish?

Tell me about some
of the rubbish you’re working
on now. When can we
expect to see this latest
rubbish of yours in the shops?


Tim Kendall said...

That's secretly about contemporary poetry, isn't it?

puthwuth said...


Mark Granier said...

Should rubbish be difficult
or more accessible?
Was rubbish ever
the new rock and roll?

Ray Davis said...

Kit from Badlands: "I'm not in love with the stuff, okay?"
Marianne from Others: "I too dislike it."

John said...

I was once asked "where do you see yourself in 5 years?" in an interview. I was a teenager and it was for a part-time position in Advance Vision video shop in Bray. Her name was Grainne. Can't remember what I said, but I got the job. Best job I've ever had too!