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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

'It Must Be Nova Scotia': Elizabeth's Great Village

Great Village Elementary School; ‘the hint of steeple, filaments of brush-hairs, barely there, /must be the Presbyterian church’; ‘Oil-soaked, oil-permeated /to a disturbing, over-all /black transparency’: the ‘Filling Station’ (rebuilt); Bishop house; EB; EB’s sofa; Great Village River; family graves: child’s grave on right (of pair) is that of ‘Little Arthur’, subject of ‘First Death in Nova Scotia’.

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Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your photographs, slightly envious, would love to visit myself - was curious about the photograph 'Filling Station' and the word you used with it - 'rebuilt'.
In Bishop's letters with the New Yorker, Katharite White suggested that the title might read 'Station No. 2 - Rio de Janeiro to ...' or 'Station No. 2 - Route 101, Brazil' - these were suggested as they thought the title 'odd to grasp for an American. Though Bishop held her ground in keeping the origianl title, she did refer to the filling station as being in Brazil - 'it's on one of the 2 or 3 driveable roads in the country ... If you agree with me, I should think it could be called just 'Filling Station', if not perhaps 'Station #2, Rio to Bahia' (No one would ever dream of driving to Bahia, but that's what the signs say) ... She does finish up that paragraph though with this:
I was just being literal about the one nearest me here. But I think it could be in may parts of the world, after all - don't you?