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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Bittern-Worship (Last Word)

Positively my last word in bittern-worship. For now.

Plus a night-parrot (next page), close cousin of the kakapo, as glimpsed over the weekend on Last Chance to See momentarily distracting Stephen Fry for his quest for wifi reception by attempting hilariously to have sex with zoologist Mark Carwardine’s head. I’m facebook friends with the bird in question, Sirocco Kakapo, he boasts embarrassingly.

And I’ll throw in a Tasmanian devil while I’m at it (next page after that). But first, a a picture of my good friend Sirocco, gettin’ down and dirty.


Anonymous said...

There's an unpublished Cave Birds poem called 'The Advocate' which is about a bittern... It's on p. 346 of The Achievement of Ted Hughes (Sagar)

Anne said...

Can we hear it bombling in the mersh? Please.

OK, here you are.

I am such a literalist.

JRed said...

'The Bittern (Slight Return)'?