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Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Being a devotedly disillusioned fan of democracy, that worst possible system of government as Winston Churchill called it (until you consider the alternatives), I defer to the right of my fellow citizens, subjects or whatever they are right to vote for whoever they want – even if that someone is, get this, a career Nazi, former member of the National Socialist Movement (a wingnut groupuscule with a taste for fire-bombing Jewish property and synagogues in the 60s), and a swastika badge-wearing, rights-for-white-defending former chairman of the National Front. This person is now, can you believe it, one of my MEPs. And I defer to people’s right to vote for him. But as for the 67.5 per cent of you who couldn’t get off your ‘Yorkshire and the Humber Region’ arses to vote for a pig in a hat, a passing lugworm, or a piece of shit on a stick – a piece of shit on a stick would do fine – shame on you. Shame shame shame, you shower of absolute good-for-nothings!


Totalfeckineejit said...

Hear, hear.

Mark Granier said...

Hear, hear!

(though a pity none of them will be likely to read this blog)

Re. 'high moral ground' or the ghostly knoll: I always find it tends to vanish as soon as one ascends it, don't you?

Anonymous said...

To be fair, who'd have thought that Yorkshire and the Humber had an above average population of voting racists?

puthwuth said...

Anonymous, I find the 'protest vote' excuse for BNP voting fairly unconvincing -- as you say, there are a lot of racists about. But the real target of my ire here was the people who could see this coming and still didn't vote.