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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Clacton-on-Sea, Bard Of

More on Ivan Blatný.

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Background Artist said...

I thought it was a photie at first, and then seen it wasn't and then seen the link, then read it, seen it was you. Hey dave

Daithi Swords one of those rare voices that reach us from the silence of the mental institution.

Great review Dave.

Please forgive me for commenting further than one should. Strictly speakin dave, the decorum in place at the mo in blogospherical mores and protocol is to leave it at that, a short.

Excellent, as always David. Really ereally fantastic..and maybe, to show we are really excited about it, a ! and if we have been drinkin and cannot contain our critical excitement, a !!

Yeah, in the visual/textual and now sonic blogoland i keep hearin about from the ones who are at the cuttin edge wheato mate, this is what's gonna happen in the promised land of online Poetries, all inclusive, total democracy, and of course, Freedom - opf speech especially. gawd yah dave pal. aint you heard, get yersoef down to the revolution the lovers are havin, there's loads goin on. south bank in the big L, they are gassin about Politics and Poetry, with lots of talk tanks in which our greatest thinkers and intellectuals are starring in front of an audience of right on committed poetry and democracy lovers, agigtatin for ..erm, free speech for all in the audience who have paid to come and hear them speak about the appallingly important process of democracy and equality in Clacton on Sea, London, Southend, all them places where the marxist poets from the Institute demand, nay appropriate the very mechanisms of political change, as the rest of us just sit about watchin enders and corrie. i wish i had their commitment to the cause dave, that i could assist in some way, maybe contribute something to our poetry leaders personal expense account as they travail the green and pleasant motherland (as the premier isle of mann intellectual refers to her source of love) -- demanding inclusion into the political process for all, being appalled on our, i wish i was back in Saint Brendan's ward 11, working on a materspiece for my four sisters, seven neices and three recent, toddler nephews to fight over when i'm gone.

but failin that, i've decided to become a gay poet instead, as i think it's a very canny career move, coz that way i can be appalled on behalf of women, and bollock the fellas for any mysogyny i detect, a lot of it dave, because of the conditioning they have from the triumvirate of Plato, Aristotle and Socrates - the triad supportin the whole of thinkers rationale and gods the father son and wholly ghost, repsonsible for gettin it wrong mate.

Yer see, i sussed out that Graves was right all along, but not bein the worlds best poet, couldn't get it straight, and he never had wiki neither, and so the access to info, jigsawin dave, is far far easier and he was right that Socrates was respnsible for intellectual homesexuality because he dismissed out of hand, the purest Myths embodied in Minoan civilisation see dave, which ran from 2700BC to 1500 BC, and this mob on Crete, from the physical evidence, it is pretty much clear were an entirely mercantile civilisation in which the priests were women and by the looks of it men and women equal.

Unique, as because they were all traders, not arsed about fightin, only bein happy, and they had lots of temples, a moon-as-Goddess Muse religion which Bob reckons the most pure, as in the unimprovable original.

Then, what happened to this is the iron age came, and a proliferation of weaponary, and all the clever fellas thought, hey, look, we have an advantage over the soft bronze dicks, eff tradin, lets just go nickin it by force of superior arms, and this was the Mycenaean culture see dave, that was a warrior one, and naturally, the women/men 50/50 dancin in the temple havin orgies caper, turned into tough butch hard fellas who just did did it dave, yer know, do you know who the hard man is, respect him and if he wants to be erastes to 180 eromenos, well that's what happened mate, and the Mycenaean's left no temples, had no religion, and lasted a third of the time of the Minoan's who seemed to have Faith as a central component to their civilisation.

Understandable, that a warring culture doesn't have much beleif innit? all that dyin, far easier to keep the faith when bein happy in a stable ancient civilisation, and the Mycenaean, imploded as the logic of war suggests it, really dave that it's not like love and peace is it?

And the Mycaean age was when the Iliad, was set, and so 1100BC - it all implodes, and we have the Greek dark ages till Homer comes singin of the war war war oh waht a lovely Poetic to have as the set-in-stone this is the cleverest thinking, which western philosophy imitatin the golden age of 6CBC Greece, had itself on, until now with Obama. coz if he gets in, hey mate, his grandad was a domestic servant for the brits and if Oprah is ambassador, kings and queens the world over will be made up for him, won't they? The most powerful person alive, with a grandad who was a servant for the happy valley mob.

So dave, Plato et al, rejected out of hand the purest 50/50 Muse myth and Socratic Debate is de riguer innit, which is? bein hard intellectually and trashin yer opponent's stance, painting them as all wag and no whoof, sub dom gotta be a top dog kickin ass, wheras the real one, and which i reckon it is, coz of the Amergin text which also has a binary of 50/50 inherent blueprint in it's construction, the dna of the philisophical underlay, coming from by an anon person they say was Amergin, like Homer was, but this fella a druid and connected to the written word at source in a way Homer aint - in English at least, coz he was 1500 yrs dead and Greece is 300 miles away from Surrey where the English druids live goat herding, innit dave?

So, it's great, Socrates Arsey, Platters, all fellas mate, men, not infallible and they never had wiki, only a loada spiel, same as me or you, and are you showing clearly mysogynist traits dave, hey, hey, yer better not be coz i'm gettin married soon to Alan, and the invite might not arrive, unless you just admit it, you fancy Cliff innit, come on dave, yer do don't yer? Just let it out, coz our anima, our daemon the real source of spirit, as Yeatsie knew, is the exact opposite of our outer manifestation, so that means inside women are men and vice versa, and that's why i know, coz of the tatwas i seen at the Libarary exhibition of Silly Willy's gear..

love and peace dave, you cannot beat it with fear and so we are free, we can get to the promised land, tir na og here we come..

panyt is the sequence of letters in the word verification - panty

gra agus siochain