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Monday, October 15, 2007

Kick in the Arse

Well, that didn't take long. The not a whisper blogger has been told there will indeed not be any more whispers, for legal reasons. It also emerges he didn't know what an IP address was, which strikes me as a somewhat unsound basis for an anonymous blog devoted to slagging people off. As for me, I have to live with the fact that now his identity has been revealed, and it turns out to be someone I've never trashed in print or vomited on in a Dublin bar, to the best of my knowledge anyway, his dislike of me was free of any taint of impurity. He disliked me for no better reason than what an all-round no-mark and mediocrity I am. Really, as if I haven't spent the last God knows how many years telling you that myself. It also emerges, on top of all his other spelling mistakes, that he believes he has been 'ousted' rather than 'outed'. So it goes in this bitch of a world.


Twenty Major said...

What the fuck was that blog about anyway?

And how did anyone get his IP address? Impossible to do through blogger so he must have left comments somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

He was jealous of you, darling. I don't believe in all this self-pitying 'yes-I-know-I'm-shit' twaddle, even if it is ironic. Someone kicks you in the arse, with their foot, you have to turn around and mace them, from behind, in the skull, with a mace.

Anonymous said...

I don't profess to know a huge amount about poetry, but I do know a huge amount about music, and the same rules apply.

If someone dislikes you and what you do intensely enough to slag you off in public, you're hardly mediocre. Mediocrity doesn't encourage any kind of emotional reaction, positive or negative. Mediocrity goes unnoticed.

My band is the lucky recipient of a public mauling every now and then but it never bothers us, solely because we're making people feel something, even if that something happens to be intense hatred towards us.

So you've pissed off some cowardly arsehole and forced him into having an extreme opinion. Surely that's the point of art? I'd call it a triumph. Well done.

puthwuth said...

I think we've all learned an important lesson about tolerance here. It reminds me of that time I called Twenty a blood-sucking racist, anti-Semitic paedophile and in his infinite tolerance he gracefully decided not to sue, and that time he called me a paedophilic blood-sucking racist anti-Semite and I took him for every last penny he had, libellous bastard that he is.

Mark Granier said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
puthwuth said...

Pedalophile, I mean pedalophile. People who are addicted to pedalos, like that Freddie Flintoff chap.

puthwuth said...

'And now for a million pounds, can you tell us the capital of Mongolia?'

'Yes Chris, yes I can.'

'Go on then.'

'You asked if I could, I didn't say I'd actually reveal it out loud.'

Dara O Briain on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. Or some such words.

Compare: 'I have been asked to apologize'. 'I have been asked', and have processed that information.

Mark Granier said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

It is not actually possible for this person to have been unmasked in he way he suggests. Blogger doesn't release that kind of information. It has all the signs of a hoax blog - the one certainty is that the person named is NOT the blogger.

Mark Granier said...

Anon, you are probably right; it seems the whole blog has now been removed.

Kit Fryatt said...

I suspected a faked death, but surely the blog hadn't got enough exposure to make that worthwhile. There wasn't anything defamatory on it as far as I could see: just lots of insults. Couldn't you get someone's IP address if they'd left comments on another blog which was logging IP addresses? It wouldn't be rocket science to trace that back to its source. It's certainly not the well-known owner of that name, but someone else of the same one? All gone, anyhow. No loss. Though there is a gap in the market for someone to do it, but properly. You know, spelt write, and wiv proper jokes.

Ms Baroque said...

Actually, Kit: it would be rocket science. That's exactly what it'd be.

Puthwuth, you must feel nice here with your friends around you... I was about to say that the mediocrity & all-round-no-mark thing was why I like you, but Anonymous 2 put me to shame.

Background Artist said...

I couldn't believe i was on it, and knew i must have arrived if i was in such exalted company as my rival bores, and i left two comments. The first one written more or less positively, broadcasting the fact of The Poetry Chicks from Derry being great, and whoever it was responsible removed the comment, gave a smal snippet of it and told me to stop "talking shite" and so i give it to them both barrells.

Remeber Sweary from Galway who moved to Cork?

She was the funniest female online, and then dropped out all of a sudden, just coz she wasn't believing in herself, and we learn all the time innit?

Anyway, her posts taught me a lot coz she managed to make the C word OK to use, and so my reasoning was, i have some annonymous person taking a pop at me, effing and blinding, so i thought, right, lets ramp it to the max, and said.

Whisper whisper, what a w.nker
as original as Derek Moonies manbag

and summat else, then said

"You are here for me to piss all over anytime i want, and you know why, coz you threw the first jealously inspired blow, so keep up the good work of being my unpaid publicist, you thick c.nt"

And the next time i checked, it had gone.

iI reckon we petition swears to come back and get us giggling once again..