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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Wretched Stuff

Eric Griffiths chews on Sean O'Brien's brains and spits them out.

On the subject of there being no hills between Pisa and the sea, Stephen Dedalus looks at Bray Head from the tower in Sandycove in the first chapter of Ulysses, except he can't possibly do so; Killiney Head is in the way. He must taken taken a terrible brain-chewing over that from the books desk of the Freeman's Journal or the Wicklow People back in 1922.


sean lysaght said...

are you suggesting that Joyce deserves to share Ugolino's fate for this error?

puthwuth said...

I propose the retrospective dynamiting of Killiney Hill, by me, in a time machine, rendering the novel topographically accurate and sparing Joyce a brain-chewing. This would also deprive Chris de Burgh, a century on (from 1904 I mean), of somewhere to live, which sounds like a buy one get one free offer to me.