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Sunday, September 25, 2005

The Cowboy Look

Still on the subject of mail order brides, Natalia of Kharkov -- the cowboy look is so passé! Otherwise you look fine. She says: 'I'm looking for a man who has intention to create family, he should have the sense of humor and at the same time he will be intelligent and moderate with great power of spirit.'

Natalia 2, also of Kharkov, has gone for more of a fishwife-caught-in-the-rain look. Fishwife as in that dress makes you look like a fish. The scales, I mean. Otherwise you look fine. She says: 'I don't wait for the meeting with an ideal man but I believe that there is my Prince in this world. I would like him to be kind, honest, loving and sincere.'

Further browsing, not necessarily of women called Natalia, suggests that the tigerskin look is hot in Ukraine, that 'lie and dullness' remain a no-no, but 'sportive and sympathetic' are definite plusses.

All genuine offers passed on in confidence.

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